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PRD Media Group was formed in 2004 as a PR, Content Creation and Search Optimization marketing firm. With our extensive contact list both in online media and traditional news desks, we can get your press release published! Our present day team consists of commercially proven Press Release Writers, Content Writers, Article Writers, SEO Technicians and Web Designers. We are Google News Approved.

PR Distribution

Distribute PR's to hundreds of news sites and Google News. Guaranteed publishing to 150+ News Sites PLUS Google News.

Press Release Writing

Have our experts write your next Press Release. Get Seen!

Book Launch Marketing To Book Shops and Amazon

PRD will submit your PR to 1200+ Independent Book Shops in the USA. You do not need to pay an Agent commissions to get picked-up by book shops.

New Google News Marketing

We can now place both Articles and Press Releases on Google News. If you want to get the word out, this is a low cost way to put it in front of the 360 million monthly visitors.

Target Marketing

PRD will submit your PR to our contacts in the Top Tier Media. Choose from 26 marketing sectors.

Have You Ever Considered Press Release Marketing?

Use online Press Release Marketing to build brand awareness and to reach new heights with your SEO. One PR will generate hundreds of authority backlinks to your website and hundreds of indexed pages in the search engines.

PR Distribution Packages

Did you know that Google treats links from News Sites as Authority Links? If you want to create quality Backlinks to your website, try Press Release Distribution. It will give you the best “Bang For Your Buck!”



Only $185
  • Includes:
  • 1 Professionally Written Press Release+Revisions
  • Publication on 150+ News Sites
  • Published To Google News
  • Published to PRD Newswire
  • Submitted To Every Major Search Engine
  • Complete Submission Report With Hot Links To Each Published Page
  • Published on ReportersNewswire.com
Traditional PR Marketing


  • Some people are not as concerned with Online SEO as they are with actually getting their News picked-up by a Journalist at a Daily or Weekly Newspaper, Trade or Consumer Magazine, or Radio or TV Stations.
  • If you would like to reach every Newspaper in a certain targeted area, it is now possible. Perhaps you would like to hit every Newspaper in certain Cities, no problem.
  • TOP TIER MEDIA SUBMISSIONS -- We have Editorial Contacts in the Top Tier Media in select niches. This is the best way to get your PR in front of the right people that you would not normally have access to. This is not Guaranteed Publishing, as they are not part of our PR Platform. Anybody who guarantees you that your PR will be published on sites like: Techcrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, etc., is lying. We are now offering: Top Tier Tech Media, Top Tier News Media, Top Tier Business Media, Top Tier Glamour Media, Top Tier Finance Media, Top Tier Computer, Software & App Media, and Top Tier Travel Media. Upon request, more info will be sent to you.

Google News Marketing

  • If you are not on Google News, you are missing out on massive exposure on a global level.
  • Millions of people subscribe to Google News Alerts by keyword criteria. When a PR or Article is published that is relevant to their criteria, they are sent an alert. This is priceless!
  • We are now able to publish Articles to Google News. This opens-up a whole new marketing avenue for your firm.
  • Being on Google News gives you instant credibility!
Book Launch Marketing

  • Your Book Launch PR will be submitted to the Buyers of 1200+ Independent Book Shops in the USA.
  • You can self-publish and avoid paying Agent's commissions.
  • You will deal direct with the Buyers at the Book Shops.
  • This is an Upgrade to our SEO PR Package and only costs $125.00 when combined with our SEO Package.


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