A Social Media Marketing Temptation You Should Avoid

Are you in a state of desperation to make some sales? Desperate sellers will not find social media marketing the overnight solution, but it can be a quick route to landing some sales. I want to go over one of the worst habits people display in social media marketing and why it is a good idea to avoid this habit.

I am an online marketer who uses social media marketing as one of my primary sources to generate leads and close sales. When I began using this fairly new medium, I did what everyone was doing and the results were disastrous. This is what I mean: If you go to Facebook and click on a make money related group, what do you think you are going to see? You will see calls to action, updates with links, and a bunch of spam. What do you do? You do nothing, and just ignore it all.

You need to do something different than just posting on groups in Facebook and Twitter. Don’t listen to all of the so-called Gurus that claim this is the fastest way to make money. Not true! When I changed my strategy and stopped posting to get leads and sales, everything changed around for me. Guess what? I became Mr. Interesting and Mr. Engaging, and became a #1 asker of questions. Why post updates that nobody wants to read? I studied the posts to see what they had to say, and I started asking questions. I became part of their conversations and this is how I got their attention.

What did I ask about? I inquired about their posts, about their businesses, how successful were they in what they do. Sometimes I asked about their family or their job or anything else they might want to share with me. I showed that I am truly interested in them. To my amazement, 100% of the time I got a response, and they reciprocated by asking me questions. As they hear more about my online marketing success, they want to know more about what I do to achieve this success.

Now I know I have an interested audience, and I can proceed to share my content with them. It may be the videos for my business that I post on Facebook and YouTube, or posts that I make to LinkedIn. They like what they see and share my content and Re-Tweet my Tweets. So now I am posting to social media platforms where I have made friends and in-turn, more sales.

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