Paid Press Release Distribution vs. Free: Which is Better?

Press Release Distribution has turned many a failing busines around, so consider it as a viable marketing method. Your objective will probably be to put out the word with a minimum amount of investment. This desire is normal and even possible. There are alot of sites available today where you can publish your press release for free. Press release sites help you to publish your press release on multiple websites.

Apart from the free sites, there are also paid sites that also help to publish your press release. But the question is: which is better for you – the free or the paid press release distribution?

To be able to answer this question correctly, let quickly look at the pros and cons of both services.

The Fact about Free Press Releases

For a small business owner with little or no fund, the free press release may seem very attractive or may seem the best option available to start on a zero budget. What people learn is to stay away from the Free PR Sites. Google is viewing them as nothing more than “Press Release Directories”, and that is not good. That means those sights are not given “authority” status and better page ranking. Google sees this as PR Spam, and that hurts. I started out by offering PR Distribution to a package of about 70-Free PR Sites.

The outcome was so poor, that I never got a repeat order. I found a real Newswire Service that has the real deal, now I always get repeat orders, which means that people are happy with the results.

Disadvantages of the Free Services

  • Several of the free services don’t distribute your release. They exist for the most part to park the release at their websites and persuade writers to pay for upgrades. Those websites in addition make cash from Google Adsense ads.
  • Your press release may contain many links (not yours), as well as Google ads, that persuade readers to click off the page.
  • When using a free press release distribution service, the release might contain ads and links to a competitor’s website.
  • A good number of free release services don’t make available figures that will help you determine the number of people that viewed the release.
  • A good number of these free sites don’t have a help desk. If you post the release and find out later that there’s a typographical error in your phone number or website address, there is basically nothing you can do about it.

To Invest in Paid PR Distribution

The fact is that if you really want to make it quick online or to get quick results in any internet business, you must be ready to invest some money to get the result you desire. Investing in paid press releases may be worth the effort if you really need quick results.

Advantages of Paid Press Release Distribution Services

  • A good number of paid sites distribute releases to online search engines, news sites, databases and portals. They as well send your releases to websites dedicated to specific niches.
  • You can decide to have your press release sent to media in a particular city, state, district or nation. This can help to reduce your costs.
  • Reporters can subscribe to the RSS feeds at paid sites, based on the niche they cover.
  • In addition to distribution, paid sites generally proffer writing services for an extra fee.
  • The majority of them have an easy-to-access help desk.
  • They present figures that show, for instance, the number of people that viewed your release, the amount of unique visitors, and monthly page views.

In the End…

If the money is available, the best option for a better and quicker result ispaid press release distribution.