Internet Marketing: Unrealistic Expectations

Internet Marketing is the stuff dreams are made of, and sometimes nightmares as well. Everybody would love to make a million dollars by putting up a website and watching the bucks roll in. I write press releases for many of these Internet startups, and I can easily predict who is not going to get anywhere. Let’s discuss how “Unrealistic Expectations” can doom you. A successful Internet entrepreneur must be able to take a step back and review what he/she is doing from an objective viewpoint.

The First Mistake In Internet Marketing

So many people think that just putting up a website selling something on the Internet is going to guarantee them a new income stream. This also applies to Amazon and those Affiliate landing pages. Remember this: NO TRAFFIC MEANS NO SALES, NO SALES MEANS DISASTER! Get the picture? You have to do something to get people to visit your site. You are either going to spend a lot of money, or a little money. Spending a huge amount of money is not a guarantee of success. Your product/service offer must be good, and reflect something that people will like. I tell clients all the time that the best Press Release in the world is not going to help if the product is a loser. Do you really think you will get rich selling colored pencils on Amazon? Or how about a watermelon slicer? Give me a break!

Product Selection

You have a choice of so many products to sell. Just buy wholesale or import from China. Don’t sell a silly product like ice pop molds and think you are going to build an empire. Sell something that will give you a reasonable profit. Do your homework, see what successful companies are selling on the Internet. I once thought I could make a bunch of money selling eBooks on all kinds of subjects. I wouldn’t listen to people that told me they can get any kind of information on the Internet for free. So I lost the money I spent to build a website, and lost the money I spent on advertising. If I could have been more “objective”, I would have seen they were correct, and I was wrong.

Internet Marketing Advertising Campaigns

Ever hear of the saying “One Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer”? Well, one effort at advertising does not make an advertising campaign. Anybody familiar with marketing can tell you that consistency pays off. Doing one Press Release Distribution is not a campaign. You would see a spike in traffic, and then it will die down. So some clients do one per week to maintain the traffic. It’s like: You wouldn’t do one Banner Ad for one day and expect miraculous results, would you? I hope not.

Some of my clients think that one press release distribution is going to change their lives. That is an “unrealistic expectation”, and can lead to depression and giving up before you really started. Success on the Internet usually takes time and a very organized approach with much testing of different marketing ideas. The information is all over the Internet, so do some research.

I wish you the best of luck……..Just be Objective and Realistic.