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If you are struggling to get traffic to your website, you are not alone. One of the greatest fallacies of the digital age is that if you put-up a website, people will flock to it. I think all of us have been through this process. First we launch a website by just putting it online. Then we are bombarded by all kinds of SEO hucksters and scam artists. I have spent a fortune learning what does not work. The fact of the matter is that just having a website does not mean anything if nobody knows about it, especially your target market. Of course you need to have a well planned and designed web presence, with all of the SEO bells and whistles. This means SEO optimized by a professional, not a wanna be.

The Experts Agree On What Is Most Effective

Press Release Marketing:

The days of printed and mailed press releases are long gone. Everything is done online now. Press Releases have many advantages: The good thing about Press Releases is that Google recognizes News Sites as Authority Sites and gives you a better page ranking. And, you can submit the same Press Release to multiple sites. Results are within hours to about a week as it goes viral. This only works when your PR makes it to Google News along with Yahoo and Bing News. Your PR will be published to hundreds of sites, blogs and social media platforms. This is how you get the word out to the world.

As far as targeting certain markets: You have to keep in mind that the Internet is Keyword Driven. This means that to Target certain interest groups, like Dieting, or certain Geographical areas, like Chicago, it is all a matter of using the correct keywords in the correct places in the Press Release or Article.

Article Marketing:

As far as articles go, different story. You can’t submit the same article to more than one Article Directory, or website. Google does not like that. This means the article has to be “Spun”, which means using a piece of software to automatically change each version of the article to “fool” the search engine. Google is now getting good at recognizing “spun” articles, and will penalize you as “spammy content” if you are caught. The other alternative is to write an original article for each site you want to make a posting. The majority of the article directories are a waste anyway.

Think about it: When is the last time you did a Google Search and an Article came-up in the results? If an Article did appear, it was probably on or For SEO value, only the highest page ranked article directories are worth a try.


Videos round out the trio of effective web traffic builders. Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? Not a surprise that Google loves videos. This doesn’t mean making a video in your pajamas without planning the content. The video needs to be worthwhile to the viewer. Some are animated or even the new “whiteboard” videos, also called “explainer” videos. When you do a Google Search, Videos will come-up. A well made video may be seen by a humongous amount of people. Your YouTube page will have a description of the video and a link to your site.

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