Online Press Release Marketing “Internet Presence Package”

Press Release Marketing
Breaking into Press Release Marketing doesn’t need to break the bank, and with this package, at only $85, it is affordable and will still get you a large amount of online coverage.

Everyone knows that in order to increase your ranking on the search engines, your website needs to have quality backlinks, and of course no duplicate content.

This “Internet Presence Package” includes one professionally written  press release as well as

PR Distribution to over 28+ social media websites.

Your press release will also be published to PRD Newswire, and will then be indexed by every single search engine. Press Release Marketing is quickly becoming the “go-to” source for targeted online traffic.

The social media platforms that your press release will be distributed to include:


 (Social Media is an integral part of search engine optimization. Each social media post will be indexed in the search engines and will drive traffic to your website. Feel free to email us for a full list of social media platforms that we distribute to when using our press release marketing service)

Only $85

Still not convinced?

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Why are Social Media and Press Release Marketing so important?

Social Media has overtaken nearly all forms of marketing and therefore it is a must for the success of any business. If Social Media is leveraged properly, your business will benefit by the more than 350 million users that are interacting on Social Media, right now! Get your share of that traffic now with Press Release Marketing and Distribution!