Press Releases and SEO: How it boosts your website rankings

Press releases today are no longer physical things which are to be copied and sent via mail, email or fax to journalists and other mass media representatives. The Internet made the ability of your press release to be publicly visible prior to announcing it to the aforementioned, which is done by simply linking them.

Web-based press releases can exclude the need for newswire and other middlemen. What does that mean to you? The outreach power of your press release is now completely up to you, your writing and representation skills. More recently, search engines have updated their algorithms to recognize good press releases and find out how often it is distributed to other websites and what is its readership on these websites. All that with attention to drastically increase SEO rankings of websites which issue press releases in a quality manner.

Press Releases: Where To Begin

First, you need to follow some of online press release protocols to craft press releases which are easily readable, catchy, interesting, unique and viral. Or in one word – newsworthy. Online press releases professionally written can reach a high newsworthiness even if the topic itself is not that remarkable. This happens because of the awesome power of social media and link sharing. You issue the PR on your website, and immediately share it on social media. If you’re confident in the quality/newsworthiness of what you wrote, you just need to follow the number of shares and responses from relevant news and blog websites.

Once your PR marketing is established, you will have to maintain the quality of your writing. So, whenever you have something new to say about your business, strictly follow the press release guidelines which made your previous issues viral, and it will help you both to maintain the existing readers and reach out for some new.

Imagine the power of it all once you offer a new product or service to your customers. With a well set-up press release, you will have a well-established online marketing channel both through means of search rankings and through the existing press outreach and image. You will just make a PR statement and share, everything else will happen by itself.

Making a good press release may be the next marketing gold mine for your business. If you’re still not confident about your writing skills, you should hire an experienced and well-versed press release writer who knows the inside of it and the whole magic of words which can turn into a new income for your business.