Press Release Distribution: Is It For You?

Press Release Distribution Offers The Most Bang For The Buck!

Many people who run online businesses still are not aware of the advantages of Press Release Marketing, which includes Press Release Distribution. It’s all about traffic, and without spending a fortune on pay-per-clicks, etc. Google recognizes News Sites as Authority Sites, meaning they give more weight to Keywords found in Press Releases, and the result is better Search Engine Page Rankings.

Unlike using articles submitted to article directories, Press Releases do not have to be “spun”, meaning you need a different version for each place it is submitted. Articles sit in Article Directories until they have gray hair. Press Releases go viral, and quickly. It’s all a matter of having a well written Press Release and to have it Distributed on a Tier One Platform.

Your Press Release will be published on a minimum of 400 sites, creating hundreds of backlinks to your site. Google News will publish your PR, and it will be posted to over 20 social media platforms. This is all done in a matter of hours via RSS Feeds to the News Sites.

It is important to understand how web surfers may arrive on your PR. News Sites, Journalists and website owners can subscribe to the RSS News Feeds based on their “Keyword” area of interests. They will automatically receive notice of any Press Release that has been published based on their interests. Other people may do a keyword search on one of the major search engines, and your PR may come-up in the search results.

Very often, a local News outlet will receive notice about a newly published local PR and decide to run a story, meaning to either publish the PR, or do a write-up based on the PR, and maybe even an interview.

Many people think that one PR is going to get them on the first page of Google. It’s not that easy. If anyone tells you they can get you on the first page of Google with one or two PR’s, they are lying. It takes a combination of efforts to hit the first page of Google. This includes Press Releases, Articles, Blog Posts and even a YouTube Video. Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube.

Press Release Marketing is like other forms of advertising in that the best results are achieved through consistency. Each time you do a Press Release Distribution you will see a spike in traffic. Some people do one PR Campaign every week.

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