Press Release Distribution Offers Many Benefits

Businesses that are not employing press release distribution are missing out on a very cost effective and productive form of media. Let’s face it, if you don’t get your message out there, nobody will know you or your business exist. Credibility is very important in the business world, so when an industry expert is required by media, wouldn’t it be nice if they called upon you?

Every type of business, whether small or large, can benefit from press release distribution. You don’t have to be announcing a medical discovery to have newsworthy news. Perhaps you just received an award for a large project, or added a new staff member. Even a change of address or a new location is worth an announcement. New product releases and new technologies always make for an interesting press release. The objective is to get coverage in trade journals, magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts and more. This is tantamount to free publicity, which you can’t get without pr distribution.

The cost per published press release is so minimal that it defies logic not to give it a shot. Many firms choose to write their own PR, but this is not for amateurs. I have yet to see a pre-written press release that did not need some editing and/or formatting help. Very often, people think that a PR can be used as an advertisement. This is a giant misconception, and can limit how many sites will publish your PR.

A PR will boost the visibility of your company, but like all forms of marketing, it is not a one-shot deal. Consistency pays off. Press Release Distribution is how you make a start-up look like a large company. Accomplish this feat and consumers will have more faith in your operation. This PR strategy will pay off big time as you gain the attention of journalists and other media professionals.

If you would like to be considered an expert in your field, PR Distribution is the way to go. Google treats bona fide news sites as Authority Sites and grants the PR’s better page rankings. So if you would like to climb the pages of Google Search Results to Page 1, press releases are the quickest and most effective route. Your customers will know that you are the person to seek when they need your type of products or services.

Well written press releases can go viral within days to a couple of weeks. They will be picked-up by sites that weren’t even submitted to. With the proper use of keywords in the right places, SEO value of a PR is tremendous. At the same time, you are creating hundreds of quality backlinks to your website.

In this digital age, more than 75 million people turn to online sources for the news every day. Investors are particularly interested in the news, as they are looking for good investments. This is why a well written PR about your company’s awards, advancements and accomplishments can be a potent source for attracting investors.

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