Press Release Distribution: Strategic Targeting

We are often asked if we can target certain local areas and/or market niches with our Press Release Distribution. The answer is “Yes”, but with a cautious approach. There are two basic types of PR Distribution to focus on. One involves improving SEO, and the other does not take SEO into consideration. You have to keep one thing in mind: The Internet is International and is Keyword Driven. If you count on a website as part of your business model, then you need to make sure you have your PR published in a bunch of News Sites. I am not talking about the Free PR Sites.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from the Free PR Sites. Google is viewing them as nothing more than “Press Release Directories”, and that is not good. That means those sights are not given “authority” status and better page ranking. Google sees this as PR Spam, and that hurts. I started out by offering PR Distribution to a package of about 70-Free PR Sites. The outcome was so poor, that I never got a repeat order. When I found a real Newswire Service that has the real deal, I started to always get repeat orders, which means that people are happy with the results.

You can submit the same Press Release to multiple sites. Results are within hours to about a week as it goes viral. We supply a complete Submission Report showing every place it was published with a link to that page. The idea is to create a large amount of quality backlinks plus the keyword value. You want the search engine robots to be able to find out about you. Sending your Press Release to a local newspaper will do nothing for your SEO. What we do is recommend the SEO Package, and also send the PR via email to the Newsdesk Editors of selected Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV at the specified geo areas. As an example, we can hit every daily newspaper in a 50-mile radius of a given zipcode.

The idea is that local media may very well run the PR or do a story about it. Meanwhile, we Guarantee that your PR will be published on at least 400 sites. This means over 1200 backlinks in a matter of days. Also keep in mind that we will have your press release published on Google News and posted to over 20 social media platforms. This total approach means tremendous SEO value. Drop us a line and we will send you a copy of a very recent Submission Report so you can see the sites that will publish your PR. If you have certain websites that you want to target, we will also submit your PR to them as well.