Press Release Marketing Case History: New Life Disaster Relief Organization

Press Release For New Life Disaster Relief  Picked-up by local media.

As a Press Release goes viral, it not possible to be aware of each and every site that picked-it up. This is especially true when picked-up by print media. New Life Disaster Relief of Biloxi, Mississippi, came to us for Press Release Marketing services because the 10-year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was fast approaching and they wanted to get their message out there as succinctly as possible.

Their story was very compelling, as the founders of NLDR were actual victims of the hurricane that were so moved by the help they received that they decided to dedicate their lives to helping others and spreading the word of God. Many disaster relief groups sprung-up after Katrina did her damage, but few are still around ten-years after.

We used our PR Premo Package and had their PR published on over 400 sites along with posting to more than 20 social media platforms. It was great to hear that a local Fox TV Station picked-up the story and actually interviewed the founders of NLDR, Ken and Dawn Wetzel. This brought attention to their cause, and made it possible for people to make donations to their fund.

Here is the Press Release:

Here is a local station running the story: