Press Releases Can Improve Your Reputation

When someone does a Search Engine search on your name or company name, you don’t want any negative information to appear in the search results. Even if there are some negative search results, it is not the end of the world. The more positive postings that are on the internet, the more the negative results will be pushed down in the results pages. So, what is the most effective and quickest way to accomplish this task? The answer is Press Release Marketing.

Other methods like Article Writing and Blog Posts will help, but nothing will have the impact of a well written and distributed Press Release. Once your PR is published, it will go viral, and hopefully by picked-up by all sorts of media. All forms of media subscribe to the RSS News Feeds that are available from the Online Newswires. They have their interests categorized by keywords. The more sites that publish your press release the better. This will also create hundreds and hundreds of backlinks to your website.

Here is an example: A Client that is in the Nutritional Supplement business was hit with negative results on Google. When someone did a search on their company name, terrible reports surfaced. We created a full Reputation Management Program to counter the negatives. This included setting up a Blog Site for our Client where we posted only positive articles and blogs. We also initiated a series of about 12 Press Releases which made a world of difference. With each Press Release distribution, the negative results were pushed further down in the search engine results. After a while, the negative results went from Page One of the results to Page 12, where not that many people would see them.

Peace of mind, as well as increased revenue returned to the Client, all without spending a fortune. Even if you are not worried about negative results, which can always be caused by a competitor, it is a good idea to keep your name in front of the public in a positive light. We also use Social Media to post info about your press release which further helps the spreading of good news about your organization. Instead of losing sleep worrying about your personal or business reputation, take a proactive stance and get into Press Release Marketing today.



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