Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social Media Marketing should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Now, you are at a point when your business needs to appear on social media. Before you greet the world from this interactive platform, you need to take some preparatory steps which will make your social media profiles shine and attract people, and be a strong addition to your marketing plan.

What Kind of Social Media Marketing To Pursue?

There are many social media platforms around, but each has its own niche. Facebook is for friends and groups, Twitter is for influencing new people, LinkedIn is business and employment related, YouTube for videos, Instagram for photos, and so on. Picking the best social media for your business depends primarily on two things. First is what you offer and what’s the best way of representing your media: text, audio, video, photos or a mix of audiovisual content. Second, which social networks are most frequently used among your clients or customers. Here are some other popular social media platforms: LinkedIn, AOL Lifestream, Bibsonomy, Blogster, Delicious, Diigo, Hi5, Instapaper, LiveJournal, MyAol, Newsvine, Plurk, Pocket,, Slashdot, Storify, Stumbleupon, and Tumblr.

Once you determine which social media platform best suits your business, you have to make sure your business has a logo. A logo doesn’t have to be an awesome work of art. Most small and medium businesses will be fine with a simple image which is distinctive and unique. You can make your own logo using vector graphics software like Photoshop, Corel Draw or Inkscape. It will let you design with shapes, fonts, colors, shadings and other visual elements in many ways. Basic knowledge of such programs is enough. However, if it’s still difficult for you, you can hire someone do it for you via online freelancing platforms like Upwork or Freelancer.

Next, you have to develop a social media marketing plan. It needs to be a set strategy which you will follow through on social media – frequency of posts, shares and other updates, instructions for communication with followers, promotions, persons in your firm responsible for social media activities, and all other things which require scheduling. Your social media marketing should be consistent because it will make your business look more serious to customers and you will have a better track record for all to see.

Finaly, once you establish your social media profiles, they will need an audience. You can pay to advertise and gain endorsements, which is a very popular strategy on Facebook, or you can alternatively add tags with “Like us/Follow us” to your web pages and shopping cart, packaging, leaflets, and more. A tech-savvy way to shout-out about your social media profiles is getting a QR Code for one of your profiles, which can be printed on anything. The clients can just scan the code with their cellphone camera giving out a quick link to the profile.

Don’t procrastinate, get started today with social media marketing.