Utilizing Social Media For Internet Marketing

If you have been making a living in online marketing, you have no doubt kept up with the trends. One of the latest trends is the proliferation of social media. Everybody has heard of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others, but there are also lesser known social media platforms. I hope you have been using social media to your advantage, everybody else is joining in, so should you. You may be missing out on a tremendous source of traffic.

It’s all about the interactive social aspect of networking with others. Facebook is a great example: If you post something on your Facebook page, it also appears on your friend’s pages, they in turn can share with their friends…and that’s how things go viral. Over a period of time, it is possible for your post to show-up on hundreds, or even thousands, of Facebook pages! Get the idea?

In social media, the things that get the most traction are like a funny video or photo. Maybe even a “hard to believe” video or photo. These are the ones that end up being viewed by millions of people. A good example are those “wardrobe malfunctions” of celebrities. They get shared and passed all around the internet. You may have a hilarious video sitting around that involves your kids or pets that you could post to Youtube. You can post little “snippets” on the social media sites that will link to your Youtube page, where you will have a link to your “money site”.

Some of the other worthwhile social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL Lifestream, Bibsonomy, Blogster, Delicious, Diigo, Hi5, Instapaper, LiveJournal, MyAol, Newsvine, Plurk, Pocket, Scoop.it, Slashdot, Storify, Stumbleupon, and Tumblr. Check them out. Register with all of them. Post things frequently, and you will find yourself with a free source of traffic.

Pinterest has become quite a favorite of social media enthusiasts. If you never heard of it, you should get yourself familiar with it pronto. People “pin” photos to Bulletin Boards that are viewed by millions. Imagine your link being part of a photo that gets passed all around the planet.

Make sure you are a good citizen of social media and do not offend anyone, or post offensive material. That is a great way to ruin all that you have accomplished to this date. Be sensitive to others, and they will appreciate your consideration. Don’t push your political or religious agenda on others.