Internet Marketing: Don’t Become A Victim of Amazon

Many people go into Internet Marketing to finally have a business of their own. Some of them fall victim to firms that promise to do their marketing, and even give them a choice of products to sell on Amazon. This service could cost a few thousand dollars, with no recourse. It is so easy to lose money on Amazon it would make your head spin. I do many press releases for people about to launch a product on Amazon, and I could see who is going to be spinning their wheels.

Some of these products are ridiculous to be able to build a business around. You think if you sell an item for ten bucks you will get rich? After you pay the Amazon commission and shipping costs, there isn’t much left. You will also pay warehouse expenses and a fee for them to “pick” the item from inventory and package it. It can also be very frustrating building your Amazon Sales Page, not that user friendly.

The entire concept of Amazon is not beneficial to the sellers. Think about it: When your product appears on an Amazon page, at the bottom of the page is a bunch of competitors complete with their product image and selling price. This doesn’t help you at all. The main appeal of Amazon is that they will warehouse and ship for you, but their are alternate firms that will “Fulfill” your orders for you as well. Just do a search for “Fulfillment Services” on Google.

Sure, you don’t need to have a website if you are on Amazon, but you will also be like a speck of sand on the beach. What many people don’t realize is that you still need to get traffic to your Amazon page, so why not get the same traffic to your own website, where there will not be any competitive ads in plain view. You could be spending money to get traffic to your Amazon page only to be giving your traffic to the competitors on your page. Is that crazy or what?

Think about this: Some people try to sell “colored pencils” on Amazon. If you do a search in Amazon for “colored pencils”, there are 71,352 results that show. So what are your odds to make money with that item? Zilch. How about Vitamin C as an item. Sounds good, but there are 168,401 results that also think it is a good idea. While this may not be a total amount of Vitamin C sellers on Amazon, it shows the degree of saturation on their platform. Even “Silicone” oven gloves bring up 3,663 sellers.

The choice of product is critical, but how and where you sell it is also critical. I hope I have given you some ideas so that you don’t lose your rear end on Amazon.