PR Distribution Could Salvage Your Cyber Business

Have you taken advantage of Press Release Marketing? PR Distribution has matured into a very celebrated way to get your online business acknowledged by the search engines. Many people swear by them, and issue them weekly. In fact, there are Internet Firms that utilize press release submission services to both write them, and then submit them to the News Wire Services, and other Media Groups.

They offer a proven manner of garnering traffic to your site, and gaining backlinks. Google considers News Sites as “Authority Sites”, and gives them more weight in the Ranking Process. PR’s should surely be included in any Internet Marketing Scenario.

PR’s multiply themselves. Once they are published, and put on the News Feeds, they get picked-up by news-sites and media-sites that were not even part of the submission process. How they are written, especially the title is significant.

Many people think that they can just sit down and create a PR. It doesn’t work that way. You have about 450 words to get the News on paper. It has to be well thought-out, and finished. A beguiling title will insure getting peoples and search engine attention. You need some SEO proficiency to recognize where to place the keywords, etc.

This is why it is best to have a professional Press Release Writer do this for you. Somebody who has composed and presented hundreds of PR’s is going to see how to do it better than an inexperienced newbie. If your novice release sounds too much like an Advertisement, or has any “you”, “your”, “we”, etc., it may be rejected.

The quintessential marketing mix would be Article Submissions, Video Submission, and Press Release Distribution. I have seen Cyber marketers take over top spots on Google using this method. It works, and those who utilize it, are the profitable ones.

The other issue is how to Distribute them. You can either pay a fee to a site like PRWeb, which could be $369.00 for an one-shot deal, or you can invest in a package for about $185.00 that includes the writing and will have your release Published on over 300 sites and Google News.

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