There Is Always A Reason To Publish A Press Release

Consider Submitting a Press Release with PRD Media Group every time you…

1. Rewrite or create your company’s mission statement
2. Celebrate a Milestone
3. Donate to charity
4. Write a helpful blog post with free tips
5. Join a social network with scheduled content releases and ask for followers
6. Release an eBook, report or white paper
7. Piggyback on a recent news story by announcing related expert information
8. Serve your 10,000th (or X#) customer
9. Discover any impressive milestone while analyzing company records
10. Run a webinar
11. Run a local in-person workshop
12. Share a particularly exciting customer testimonial in the form of an inspiring news story
13. Create a “Day” for your industry (i.e. National Donut Day)
14. Sponsor a local event
15. Orchestrate and film a unique demonstration for your product
16. Warn against a negative trend you see in your industry
17. Celebrate a positive trend you see in your industry
18. Appear on TV, radio, a podcast or any other platform
19. Run a holiday event
20. Offer a giveaway or event tied to an outrageous, trending news story
21. Disprove a myth related to your business with absolute authority
22. Hold a contest
23. Implement a popular new business concept (i.e. six sigma)
24. Implement a new technology or piece of machinery
25. Start sourcing materials or employees exclusively within your country
26. Win a major new client
27. Join a new association or club
28. Earn a new certification
29. Host a celebrity event, book signing, etc.
30. Celebrate the anniversary of your company’s founding
31. Book a speaking engagement
32. Create a group
33. Start your own podcast
34. Create a YouTube channel
35. Start a monthly book club
36. Run a small study and explain its consequences
37. Put together a Lunch n’ Learn event
38. Create a scholarship
39. Tailor a version of your service to a unique demographic
(women / men / young / elderly / healthy / luxury / etc)
40. Convince a notable affiliate to promote your product
41. Create an industry-wide award ceremony
42. Give an employee a creative award
43. Give a customer of the month award
44. Interview your competition about a common issue
45. Form your own industry association with competitors
46. Celebrate the promotion of an employee
47. Poll your customers and announce the results
48. Develop a creative new use for your product
49. Volunteer with employees for a local cause
50. Tally how much your company gave back to the community this year
51. Celebrate a longstanding employee on their anniversary of X# years
52. Debunk a particularly false social media article related to your industry
53. Trademark a new process or system in grand fashion
54. Change how your business operates due to a new scientific breakthrough
55. Invite colleagues to an open debate
56. Enhance an existing product
57. Tell the emotional reason you started your business
58. Host a customer appreciation day
59. Appoint someone to your board of directors
60. Earn an “A” rating from the BBB
61. Exhibit with a booth at a trade show
62. Do an open house tour of your office, factory etc
63. Offer an internship opportunity
64. Create a plan to go “green”
65. Take a stand on a newsworthy topic
66. Publicly challenge someone to something
67. Celebrate the retirement of a respected employee
68. Protest local anti-business legislation
69. Provide free consultations (generate leads)
70. Provide an annual reminder (e.g. get a flu shot)
71. Attend a major conference or expo and report your view on an exciting presentation
72. Launch an affiliate program
73. Promote that you’ve become an affiliate for another business’ new product launch
74. Start a customer referral program
75. Start a rewards program for loyal customers
76. Book a guest speaker for a live event
77. Pull a creative publicity stunt in your town
78. Start a petition
79. Create an entertaining viral video
80. Open a new office or warehouse
81. Celebrate an employee winning a leadership position or award in your community
82. Re-brand a product in some way
83. Develop a proprietary algorithm or way of solving a problem
84. Lock in an exclusive or unique vendor arrangement
85. Hire a new employee
86. Win a big sales contract
87. Get an article published in a prestigious publication
88. Announce your availability for certain work, such as consulting or public speaking
89. Launch a new website
90. Acquire or merge with a different company
91. Raise capital
92. Meet an internal goal set within the company
93. Write a new sales letter and announce its publication
94. Expand your customer service hours
95. Improve employee benefits
96. Run a large space ad in a notable publication
97. Start a monthly client newsletter
98. Mail a seasonal product catalog
99. Define and announce your “Unique Selling Proposition”
100. Buy local radio ads
101. Rent a newsworthy billboard in a highly visible place
102. Get a vanity phone number (contact your phone company)
103. Announce a “cross promotion” with a related business (i.e. gym markets flyers for free local chiropractic consultations)
104. Add a new bonus item that comes with your core product
105. Start accepting Bitcoin payments