So You Want Your Press Release To Be On The Tech Sites!

I have been in the Press Release Marketing business for quite a few years. If I had ten bucks for everybody that wants their PR on sites like: Mashable, Techcrunch, NYT, WSJ, Huffington Post, etc., I would be rich!

The fact of the matter is that unless you are a paid advertiser, chances are slim. These publications/media know that you are trying to get free publicity. All we can do is submit to them, but nobody, and I mean nobody, can guarantee they will publish. If they do, they are lying.

Press Releases and SEO

That whole approach is not a correct one. What do you think that getting published on one or two places like that will do for your SEO? Not much! You need to create as many “Quality” backlinks as possible, and that is not the way to do it. Getting published in local Newspapers will also not accomplish that task.

Article writing is a huge pain in the ass, and they seldom get read by anybody. Their SEO value is minimal and can take months before any value is produced. Not to mention that you need a “unique” article for each Article Directory you post it to. Only high page-ranked Article Directories are worth anything, and even then, Google does not treat such links as “Authority” links.

You can submit the same Press Release to multiple sites. Results are within hours to about a week as it goes viral. We supply a complete Submission Report showing every place it was published with a link to that page.

The good news is that Google DOES treat links from Press Releases on News Sites as “Authority Links”. Don’t listen to people that tell you Press Releases do not have value. They are still the number one media choice for businesses, government entities, and everyone else to get the news out, and quickly.

Stay away from the Free PR Sites. Google is viewing them as nothing more than “Press Release Directories”, and that is not good. That means those sights are not given “authority” status and better page ranking. Google sees this as PR Spam, and that hurts. I started out by offering PR Distribution to a package of about 70-Free PR Sites.

The outcome was so poor, that I never got a repeat order. I found a real Newswire Service that has the real deal, now I always get repeat orders, which means that people are happy with the results.

Within a few days to a week we can create over 1200 backlinks plus the SEO value of proper keywords in the PR. Keep this in mind: Journalists subscribe to RSS Feeds from News Sites according to their areas of interests. When a PR is published with keywords that match their interests, they are sent a copy of the PR.

Most PR’s are 350-500 words, much longer and you take the chance of losing the reader. It should be short and sweet. The objective is to get the reader to go to your website. The longer it is, the harder it is for the search engines to work with it.

If you have a business with a website, you should explore Press Release Marketing.