Benefits of PR Distribution & Writing

What are the benefits of Online Press Release Distribution?

PR Distribution can have amazing long term effects on any business by generating large amounts of targeted traffic to your website. Press Release Marketing has quickly become a huge revenue source for most online companies and they have now adapted this strategy into their marketing plan.

Press Release Distribution is much more reliable and efficient when compared to “Article Marketing”, because with Press Releases you can submit one to multiple locations, and it will not be treated as Duplicate Content. The complete opposite can be said for Article Marketing, where each article must be completely unique and can only be used online one time. This can become extremely expensive and time-consuming to have to either always write new articles, pay someone to always write new articles, or go through the “spin” with older articles, making them somewhat unique. Article spinning is a thing of the past.

Once your PR Distribution is complete, it will immediately get picked up by hundreds of news websites, radio websites, search engines and blogs. Just one Press Release will generate hundreds, if not thousands of quality, authentic backlinks to your website. Everyone knows that Google ranks websites based on content and quality backlinks…what better Authority Backlinks than that of News websites!?

How do I know where my PR will get published?

Once we distribute your Press Release, we will always provide a full, in detail report of every single website/blog that your PR has been published to, most of the time including links to that specific page.

What is the difference between PR Distribution and Article Marketing?

PR DistributionWhile this question sounds complex, it is really quite simple. Article Marketing has been used for years to increase a website’s Google Ranking by submitting articles with your keywords and backlinks to various directories on the internet. The only problem with this is that you must use a unique article every single time you submit it to one website or else Google will consider it Duplicate Content, and your website rank can actually be hurt if this happens.

Using Press Release Distribution and Marketing is so much better than article marketing because instead of buying(and paying for) tons of “unique” articles with your keywords, you can pay one time, for ONE Press Release Distribution. Press Releases are distributed to hundreds of news websites, blogs, TV and radio stations as well as Social Media….oh yeah, and because it is a Press Release, you only need to buy one press release, and it can be used multiple times, without it being considered Duplicate Content. This is why the “internet gurus” use PR Distribution instead(or along with) Article Marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, Article Marketing can be very effective….but PR Distribution is 200 times more effective, more efficient and more affordable.

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