Imagine your product press release being submitted to the targeted trade publications, or
relevant consumer magazines. Based on your specific needs, I can put together a marketing
program that will be hard hitting via a professional press release written by myself.
Here are some additional facts about our targeted PR submission and distribution:

Daily & Weekly Newspapers:
The selection includes Daily, Weekly, Black and Hispanic newspapers. Listings are by state and
alphabetically by city. My details include the name of the paper, complete mailing address,
phone number, Email address, website, newsroom fax number and circulation figure. Also
included are Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI) bureaus as well as
news services and news syndicates.

Radio & Television Data:
The selection includes Radio, TV, Black Radio and Hispanic TV stations. Listings are by state
and city. For radio, we can identify AM and FM call letters, station format (Country, news,
religious, talk, etc.), mailing address, Email address, website, phone and fax number. TV
details are similar, but instead of format, we denote network (ABC, PBS, etc.) affiliation. Also
included are TV/Cable network headquarters, TV/Cable news services, Radio network
headquarters and regional radio networks.

Trade & Consumer Magazines:
Magazines choices are broken down into 115 categories, such as Banking-Finance, Water
Sports, Dental Trade, Photography, etc. Details include address, phone, fax number, Email
address, website, publisher, frequency, circulation, editor name and a brief readership

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