Four Mistakes Often Made In Internet Marketing

Anyone considering opening up another income stream through Internet Marketing should be aware that the stats can be depressing: Most of the people who try it fail. For those that do succeed, the rewards can be quite substantial. If you want to be one of the few that make it big, be sure to take a look at the most often committed mistakes you need to avoid to improve your chances of hitting it big.

Mistake #1: Falling For The Guru Scams

In the Internet industry, it is very easy to put up a website or landing page, and hype yourself as a super internet guru promising to make everybody rich. These scam artists market all kinds of courses, videos and other marginally effective items. Sometimes their courses are real garbage. We have all wasted money on this stuff, so don’t join the crowd of gullible folks. What you can do is learn how these people market their products, it can be very enlightening.

The good news is that you can get the same information for Free. Search out the Internet Marketing Forums and Blogs, like Warrior Forum and others. Beware that on Warrior Forum you will be bombarded with all kinds of posts trying to get your money. They are usually low priced items, and very often are worthless. So steer clear of them.

Mistake #2: Attempting To Sell Products

You may think this sounds strange. What I am saying is that blatant attempts to sell things to people usually fail. You have to use some finesse. What we do on the Internet is “pre-sell” things. If you show your prospects how your product will benefit them, they will be interested in your pitches. It is a multi-step process. You will want to learn what is important to your prospects, interact with them. Use a Newsletter of Blog and show that you want to be involved. And don’t Spam, it will backfire on you.

Mistake #3: Not Adhering To A Plan of Action

As you explore the Forums and Blogs, you will be able to develop a plan, or adopt one that you read about. Follow it, don’t forget about it in a couple of weeks. If it works for other folks, it can work for you! Don’t fall for those marketing plans that are part of the PLR Packages. You can’t use any of their articles because everybody else already has, and Google will penalize you for using duplicate content.

Mistake #4: Going It Alone

Putting up and maintaining a website can be a one-person operation. Many people try to put up a WordPress Site or use a Website Building Application from a Hosting company. Most of the time, they turn out very poor and make you look like an amateur. It does not cost much to have a professional looking site built for you. Just post the job on or Fiverr and get some bids. Before you make a selection, be sure to check out the site samples they will show you. Your money will be in Escrow and you won’t release it until you are satisfied.

The bottom line is “proceed with caution”, but don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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