Internet Marketing – Press Release Marketing

People who do not have a lot of money for advertising and promotions can still make it big in Internet Marketing. You may experience a little envy when you see how much money some of the successful internet entrepreneurs are spending on things like Google Adwords, Pay Per Clicks, and Banners. It is normal to feel that way, use those feelings to help you fight the fight. There is hope, you can succeed. We have all been through this period. You will have some failures and some successes. The main point is to not give up. I am not saying to spend your kid’s college tuition, just proceed with caution. Do things that will get you the most bang for the buck – Like Press Release Marketing.

Press Release Marketing:

You will find that Press Release Marketing is the most cost-effective form of online advertising. There is always a reason to put out a press release, be creative. I have many clients who start out with the idea that they will distribute it themselves. After I write the PR, they quickly see that they have no idea what to do with it. Sending it to an offline media will not do a thing for your Internet website’s SEO. It is inexpensive enough to have your PR distributed by a professional and published on over 400 websites, plus Blogs and Social Media. If you paid $140.00 to do this, the cost per published website would be 35 cents, and that includes the writing of the PR, at least with us anyway.

Now you will have created hundreds of backlinks to your site, and Google’s robots will like them, especially if they come from News Sites, which Google considers Authority Sites, and will give better search page rankings. What you do not want to do is have backlinks coming from the “Free Press Release” sites. I know this sounds self-serving since this is my business, but Google considers press releases on these free press sites as “Press Release Spam”, and the free pr sites nothing more than Press Release Directories. So, try them if you will, but you will be penalized by Google.

Need Some Ideas For A Press Release?

A PR is the perfect way to introduce your business to the world. This gives you the chance to cover all bases. You can discuss who are the founders, the company mission, your products and services, key personnel, location and special technologies, etc. Maybe you just received your Patent Approval……tell the world. How about a new contract…….tell the world. Did you move or open a new facility……tell the world. Perhaps you wrote a book and have it on Amazon, and you need to drive some traffic to your page. A PR is the way to go, unless you have money to back a paid campaign.

When your business hits a Milestone, like 1,000 sales, etc., a PR is a great way to make the announcement. The launching of a website demands a Press Release as a way to get some low cost, high quality SEO. In our case, we come-up with titles for you to choose from for your press release.

As you can see, 35 cents to have a PR on an Internet News Site is incredible!