Internet Marketing: Some Basics of SEO

One of the elements of success in Internet Marketing is targeted traffic. To achieve this, targeted marketing is employed. This is where you “target” the ideal prospect for your product or service. Media such as TV, Radio, and Newspapers are not targeted because they go after a wide general audience. Direct Mail can be targeted by purchasing or compiling a list of targeted prospects, but this is costly and time consuming. A very efficient method would be via the Internet and Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engines are where people go to find information on the world wide web. We all know about Google, Yahoo and Bing, but there are actually many more, though obscure, search engines. Google is the Big Daddy of all search engines. SEO is the practice of developing a website or web page in such a way that the search engines will be able to “read” the site and give it the correct page rank on certain terms (keywords). In other words, if you are selling “water filters”, you will have content built around that term.

That was a simplistic explanation of SEO, but it can be very complicated. Many steps must be taken to properly optimize a website. It is possible to do too much optimizing and that can be bad news for you. The search engine’s algorithms can detect if you are trying to manipulate the results, and you can end up being banned from the results page. It doesn’t pay to try to “Game” the search engines. The search engine creators want to see websites grow naturally and organically without people doing unnatural things to get better page rankings.

Press Release Distribution can help with your SEO. It can also be done in a very targeted manner. What it will do is create plenty of backlinks to your site, which the search engines want to see. As an example: One Press Release distributed and published to 400 news sites with an average of 3 links per PR will yield about 1200 backlinks per campaign. This is besides the keyword value on the 400 PR’s. For a PR to have SEO value, it must be distributed through an online platform.

Effective SEO requires dedication and knowledge. One of your main concerns will be with maintaining a steady flow of quality content. This is content that is relevant to your site and optimized with the relevant keywords. Do not use keywords that nobody searches for, research this with Google tools. We maintain that the use of Press Release Marketing is the quickest way to improve your SEO standings. It is also the most cost effective method.