Internet Marketing With Limited Funds

Most people that get into Internet Marketing do so with limited funds. In other words, they do not have the advantage of a huge bank account to draw from. The good news is that there are ways of getting traffic to your website that are very low in cost, or free. Keep in mind that there are plenty of people who made a fortune on the Internet and started out pretty broke. One trait they all have is “dedication”. In most cases, this is not an overnight process, but a steady progression.

One necessity is of course a website. If you are not a web designer, find one. Most websites done by amateurs look like they were done by amateurs. It is a worthwhile investment to have your website done by a pro. The first impression is everything, so when a new prospect finally lands on your website or landing page, it should look like a pro did it. The objective will be to get as many “targeted” visitors to your website as possible. The other half of the equation is to have a website that will convert them.

What happens very often is that the website owner fails to realize that his/her idea is not enthusiastically shared by others. The most targeted visitors will not buy something that does not appeal to them, or is presented poorly. So if your responses are not all you dreamed of, don’t be so quick to blame it on the media, get the opinion of other people and just maybe you should make some changes before you lose your money.

Press Release Distribution:

Many people do not know of the value of Press Releases. If you count on your website for any part of your business, then you could benefit from Press Releases. It’s all about traffic, and without spending a fortune on pay-per-clicks, etc. Google recognizes News Sites as Authority Sites, meaning they give more weight to Keywords found in Press Releases, and the result is better Search Engine Page Rankings. Unlike using articles submitted to article directories, Press Releases do not have to be “spun”, meaning you need a different version for each place it is submitted. Articles sit in Article Directories until they have gray hair. Press Releases go viral.

Stay away from the Free PR Sites. Google is viewing them as nothing more than “Press Release Directories”, and that is not good. That means those sights are not given “authority” status and better page ranking. Google sees this as PR Spam, and that hurts. I started out by offering PR Distribution to a package of about 70-Free PR Sites.

The outcome was so poor, that I never got a repeat order. I now subscribe to a real Newswire Platform that has the real deal, now I always get repeat orders, which means that people are happy with the results. This form of online marketing will give you the most bang for your buck.

Event Hosting:

There are events that you can hold that will be beneficial to everybody involved, especially you. I know some people who do this consistently and have grown their core business by leaps and bounds. Your objective is to bring together like minded individuals with other folks who need their products or services. As an example: You could bring together entrepreneurs with investors looking for a startup or SME to invest in. Real Estate investors and Bankers and other lenders make a great event also. This is all about networking, and is often called a “Business Card Exchange”. You could use Social Media to announce the events, and all participants can be expected to pay a small fee in exchange for maybe lunch or coffee and donuts. There is also usually a table where people can give out their brochures and sales pitches, sort of like a mini-convention. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you want people to visit your website, so make sure they all know about it.

Forums & Blogs:

There are Forums and Blogs for every area of interest. Make a chart and go to Google and do a search for what type of prospects you are seeking. If you are a wedding photographer you would search for Wedding Blogs and Forums. Take notes on user names and passwords. You will have too many to try to memorize. Now you have a chance to interact with people that definitely need your services. The same applies to Social Media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Join groups and become active. As people get to know you by the posts you make, you will have an opportunity to have them visit your website. Just remember that this is a multi-step process. Don’t treat these sites as places to advertise for free. Be calculating and patient.